When all is going well, days are bright and things are looking up, it’s a wonderful feeling to dream about the future and look towards exciting days ahead.

But when a storm hits your life and you’re walking through a dark season, you need to keep your energy focused on making sure that your next step is on solid ground.

Any dark moment can hit you unexpectedly; whether that’s a divorce, loss of a loved one, or perhaps unemployment. When it does, you feel tempted to keep going at the same pace you’ve always been moving; showing everyone around that you aren’t phased.

But admit it to yourself: The light at the end of this tunnel feels very far away. Hope isn’t part of your vocabulary these days.

You’re new reality is that you are in the dark. It’s time to slow down. There’s no escaping this season without stepping forward carefully. So stop and look around.

Take stock of where you are. Process what’s happening to you and accept that you aren’t functioning at 100%. Be patient with yourself. Be content that you only checked off a quarter of your to-do list today.

This season will pass. A bright hope and future will come. But it starts by finding the next solid step to take.

Take it well.


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