If I Could Live 2016 Over Again

I know that the year has just begun. But what if you could live it over again? What would you regret not doing when you sit down next December 31st and countdown to 2017?

A while back, I posted about beginning each day with the end of the day in mind with a post entitled, ‘If I could live today over again I’d …’.  It’s a simple Stephen Covey principle but it works to help keep me on track. Each day, before I walk into any meeting I still ask myself, After I’m finished this next conversation that I’m about to walk into, what do I want to be walking out with? What is my destination over the next hour? 

If I don’t know my destination then how will I know if I’ve gone off track?

Since it is already early into the new year of 2016 I do have a list of resolutions started. It’s an overwhelming inventory of challenges that no single human being could accomplish in a year. But it’s how I like to begin. Get it all out of my mind and recorded somewhere.

Then I run my goals through my own filters of understanding how I’m wired, and of acknowledging that one person can only do so much in a single year. So I ask myself, which of these things would I regret the most if I didn’t do them? In my case, it means that my itch to play the Ukulele gets bumped down below my desire to spend more time reading scripture with my wife, Cheryl. Thankfully that’s an obvious one.

In the end, I naturally settle on a few resolutions that mean the most to me. I don’t always do a great job of following through on them 100% of the time and I never end up with a perfect year – who does – but I like having a road map to refer to when I need a reminder of what matters to me.

So here’s to 2016! May we all look back on it with pride!



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