A Digital Playbook for Pastors is an idea that I’ve been tossing around for a while.

When I look around at various church websites, Google MyBusiness listings and Social Media presences of churches in Canada, I see many gaps in understanding how to manage an online presence. 

I even saw one church (a soon-to-be marketing client) listed as closed on Google and the Pastor had no idea how to fix that.

I do know how to fix online brands. I know how to manage negative reviews. I understand how to prioritize actions and there are some key simple steps that could be taken so that your church isn’t misrepresented online.

As a seasoned digital marketer who has been able to see a variety of approaches to managing successful companies and brands online, it’s been a desire of mine to share my experiences to my church leadership friends, and those who lead non-profit organizations.

So send me a note if you’re able and let me know what you would hope could be answered in a ‘Digital Playbook’ if I was to create one for you?

Looking forward to help you,