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In the dark, your next step matters most

When all is going well, days are bright and things are looking up, it’s a wonderful feeling to dream about the future and look towards exciting days ahead.

But when a storm hits your life and you’re walking through a dark season, you need to keep your energy focused on making sure that your next step is on solid ground.

Any dark moment can hit you unexpectedly; whether that’s a divorce, loss of a loved one, or perhaps unemployment. When it does, you feel tempted to keep going at the same pace you’ve always been moving; showing everyone around that you aren’t phased.

But admit it to yourself: The light at the end of this tunnel feels very far away. Hope isn’t part of your vocabulary these days.

You’re new reality is that you are in the dark. It’s time to slow down. There’s no escaping this season without stepping forward carefully. So stop and look around.

Take stock of where you are. Process what’s happening to you and accept that you aren’t functioning at 100%. Be patient with yourself. Be content that you only checked off a quarter of your to-do list today.

This season will pass. A bright hope and future will come. But it starts by finding the next solid step to take.

Take it well.


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Heart of a Humble Carpenter (Joseph’s Decision)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is my 2015 Christmas Narrative about a carpenter named Joseph and a decision he is faced with.

This was presented at Life Church in Oshawa, ON on December 20th, 2015. Thank you, Randy Gill and the Life Church family, as well as the other churches who have invited me this Christmas season to share it with you.


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Simeon: Christmas Narrative

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again and I just wanted to share with you my original Christmas short story from last year (2014). It’s called Simeon: Hope Fulfilled. Hope you enjoy it. It was a live presentation at the Brockville Arts Centre and even though it’s a bit of a rough first draft, I think it’s decent enough to share.

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This year, I will be presenting a story about Joseph on December 6th at the Brockville Art’s Centre (Pier Christian Church) at 10am. You’re welcome to come.

To listen to some of my other stories, please have a look at the Media page.

I’m still hoping to book a few more places this Christmas, so let me know if your church would be interested in having my join for your upcoming Christmas Banquet or Sunday service. Send me a message on Facebook or email me at

Thank you,


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2014 Christmas Narrative: “Simeon”

Merry Christmas 2014!

As promised, here is my Christmas narrative for this year. I decided to have a look at the life of Simeon and ask what it would have been like for him to hang on to a promise that God gave him. He’s most likely an older person who is nearing the end of his life, and yet he has not seen the fulfilment of a promise that he has been waiting for. So after a lot of study, here is how I picture this event, which is recorded in the Bible in Luke 2:22-35, unfolding.

Many blessings on you and yours this Christmas Season!


Scroll to the 17 minute 35 second mark to go straight to the story (17:35).


For my other Christmas narratives from previous years, please visit the Media Page.

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The Journey of the Magi (Audio)

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I presented this original story about the “Wise Men” at the Arts Centre in Brockville (The Pier Christian Church) on December 29, 2013. This narrative is the result of some research, prayer and fun creative writing so that I could share what it might have been like to be one of those Magi who travelled a thousand miles to worship this newborn King Jesus. I know that Christmas is over for another year, but thankfully this story is the one Christmas story that doesn’t begin until our reason for celebrating Christmas Day, Christ’s birth, has already occurred. That may not be the best excuse for posting this after January 1st since most of us are already working on our new year’s resolutions and Christmas is looooong in the past, but that’s what I’m going to say for now. 🙂

Enjoy! Dwayne

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10 Questions with DivorceCare Leaders

Keith Sherri Warwick

Q & A with Keith & Sherri Warwick – DivorceCare leaders

This past December, I attended a Christmas dinner with a group of people who meet together weekly to discuss how divorce has affected their lives. The group is called ‘DivorceCare’ and in my hometown, Keith and Sherri Warwick lead a weekly group which reviews and discusses study material from

While I was at this meeting I realized that most people affected by a divorce probably don’t think that they could benefit from such meetings. Maybe it’s a struggle with pride, but most people don’t open up about a rocky marriage breakdown easily. You want to heal, but you feel worried about letting too many people into your thought process.

The reality about the situation, however, is that we all need people to talk to and we desire a safe environment in which to do so. So I thought I would help make the first step a little easier for you and post a quick Q&A about DivorceCare. My hope is to encourage you to consider attending at least one DivorceCare meeting this year.

So here are my 10 questions to Keith and Sherri Warwick:

#1 Why are the two of you involved in Divorce Care?

I (Keith) have been through a divorce so I can understand where those who are struggling through this, are coming from. Most of my experiences was meeting with people. Everyone I knew was jumping into a relationship too quickly and it was causing some destruction. Time does heal. We (Sherri and Keith) prayed about leading a DivorceCare group and previewed the material. We felt called to help people see there’s life after divorce. Both of us also come from divorced homes.

#2 How long does the program run for?

Typically, the program runs 13 Weeks, but we usually like to add an additional week at the beginning, and sometimes at the end.

#3 What does a typical night look like?

There is no time limit, really. We are willing to listen to anyone who wants to attend and open up. We want to be an encouragement to everyone who comes. The night starts with an introduction and light conversation. We always open the small group with prayer and then each person shares, as he/she feels comfortable. No one is obligated to speak, but most people do feel it’s a safe place to open up. We usually discuss what we learned from the previous week. We watch a video from the DivorceCare study; it’s usually 30 minutes long. We finish by discussing what we just watched and then say a closing prayer.

#4 What is the most common question you get asked when you tell people about your Divorce Care group?

Most people want to know where we meet and they are usually surprised that we don’t hold meetings in a church building. We meet at our home. It’s a relaxed atmosphere.

#5 At what stage during a marital crisis or breakdown should someone consider joining a Divorce Care group?

Any marital crisis that becomes serious enough that ‘Divorce’ is becoming part of the language is a good time to consider it. The group is definitely intended for people who are hurting and know that they would like to be healthier, but a common misconception is that you need to be divorced to come. Some people who have attended were divorced years ago, but a common phrase from them is, ‘I should have done this a long time ago.’ If anyone is considering it, I would recommend trying it out and see how you feel.

#6 Do you have to be connected to a church to attend?

No. We usually have some people who are not connected to a church and they get a lot out of the meeting. But it’s worth noting that the material is Biblically based.

#7 How do you ensure that the group is a safe place for people to open up about their feelings and life details?

Confidentiality is important if you are going to attend the group. Nobody needs to share anything that they don’t feel comfortable sharing. We ask people to respect each other. We guide the conversations and ask that words that are spoken here, remain here.

#8 What if life is too busy and someone can’t commit to every week?

Not everyone makes it for all 13 sessions. People join us at various stages of the weeks. It’s not a necessity to be there at week 1 and make every week. We also have people who get involved on multiple occasions. Someone may have missed some good sessions the first time around, so they try to attend sessions the next time we run through them. Many people who think they’ve been ‘cured’ have showed up again and learned something new. To be honest, there is always something knew that we grasp each week. It’s a learning experience.

#9 What does a ‘graduate’ of DivorceCare look like?

A success story for each person is unique. There is typically a new joy on someone’s face; you notice that his/her demeaner has changed and there is a new sense of hope that there is life after divorce. It’s a challenge to give a sufficient answer to this question without meeting some of the people who have been through it. It’s not something you can easily put into words.

#10 What do you recommended for children who may be part of a divorcing family?

DC4K information is on the website. Our sessions do not incorporate this material, but people can search here to find a DC4K group near them.

Final Thought:

In addition to running this DivorceCare group, Keith and Sherri do enjoy being coaches to other couples. They desire to help people put God in the centre of their lives, while breaking down the typical church barriers.

If you have read any of this and feel that you might be interested in attending a DivorceCare meeting, then here is a link to help you find a DivorceCare group near you.

Thanks for taking the time to read,


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Shepherds: Outcast Evangelists (Audio)

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I have shared this story many times, but the version that you are listening to with this link above is one of the first, and most raw performances from Aurora Cornerstone Church in Aurora, Ontario.

Some Background:
A few years ago, in preparation for a Christmas season message, a predictable three point sermon morphed into one narrative about an old shepherd named Asher and his younger apprentice.

Shepherds are an interesting and unexpected piece in the Christmas story and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that these were the first people God chose to share the good news about Jesus’ birth with. They seem just as messed up as some of us.

So have a listen if you have 22 minutes to spare. The background music at the end gets a little loud but that’s my fault for not warning the sound men of some of the transitions; they did an awesome job without having any time to rehearse.

Merry Christmas 2012 Everyone!