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Dwayne’s Digital Playbook

A Digital Playbook for Pastors is an idea that I’ve been tossing around for a while.

When I look around at various church websites, Google MyBusiness listings and Social Media presences of churches in Canada, I see many gaps in understanding how to manage an online presence. 

I even saw one church (a soon-to-be marketing client) listed as closed on Google and the Pastor had no idea how to fix that.

I do know how to fix online brands. I know how to manage negative reviews. I understand how to prioritize actions and there are some key simple steps that could be taken so that your church isn’t misrepresented online.

As a seasoned digital marketer who has been able to see a variety of approaches to managing successful companies and brands online, it’s been a desire of mine to share my experiences to my church leadership friends, and those who lead non-profit organizations.

So send me a note if you’re able and let me know what you would hope could be answered in a ‘Digital Playbook’ if I was to create one for you?

Looking forward to help you,


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Peace trumps perception

Life can throw you curveballs.

You have learned how to adjust to them. You aren’t a kid anymore. Real life is here. Partners rely on you. Businesses rely on you. Your clients rely on you.

You’ve been trained in how to handle the fastball. You’ve been hitting them all your life.

But nobody is calling you ‘Rookie’ anymore.

In front of you now, is what appears to be a curveball. Or is that that a slider? Perhaps a knuckleball.

In any case, the crowd is watching you struggle with your glaring uncomfortable disposition.

But the onlookers aren’t in the batters box. You are. You chose to walk up to this plate and give it your best. You chose this.

Block out the noise. Silence the taunters in your head. Mute and critics who hide behind their screens and those who are using your performance as an escape from their own struggles.

Who cares if your strikes become their smiles.

Their perception of what it takes to step up to that plate should not trump the comfort of peace that you need to invoke into your moment.

The bat is in your hands; not theirs. This is your moment. This is your responsibility.

As foolish as it may look to others, give this moment the best swing you have.


Look around.

Make a call.

But their perception doesn’t matter. the bat isn’t in their hands. It’s in yours. This is your moment. This is your responsibility.

So Relax. Look around. Make a call.

Trust that everything that you have learned up until now is part of helping you solve this puzzle. Know that your instincts are there for a reason and are more refined than ever.

That inner peace that you feel when you are making the right decision is much more valuable than worrying about the perception of the crowd.

Trust. Have faith. Swing away.

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Haiti Mission 2017

Dear friends and family,

In less than a month from now I will be in Haiti running an exciting VBS with 100 registered children ages 5 – 12.

We will also be launching a Child Sponsorship program for Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bloomfield. We will be following up on previous medical initiatives, house construction and computer lab projects.

At this time we are requesting prayer and collecting final donations for this exciting mission trip! The cost to go is $1,800 per person and any donation is appreciated to help cover this cost. Anything you give to support my effort for this amazing mission trip is completely tax receiptable. Simply go to: to make a donation and enter my name in the message area.

More than the money, most of all, I want you to be aware of this trip and be praying for us and following us on our BLOG at:
…which we will try to keep updated during our trip Aug 20 – 27th

Please consider making a donation here and enter my name in the message area.