Marketing with emojis is here to stay

“We ❤️ helping you stay healthy” is the advertising sign I stare at while I stand at the counter of my local Shoppers Drug Mart. Wow. Maybe George Orwell was closer to being right than I give him credit for. Perhaps, though, emojis take over our English language way before any speakwrite catastrophe happens, as […]

Your Church Website v Mobilegeddon

Don’t let your church website get LEFT BEHIND If your website doesn’t pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Test (see the link at the end of this article) then your search engine ranking will be affected when people search for your church with their mobile devices. What is Mobilegeddon? It is a word that many are using to describe the […]

Tile: Get a yearly reminder that you are forgetful for $25

The white rounded square-shaped item in the above image is a Tile. It is promoted as the answer for those of us who have a habit of losing things. I admittedly, am one of those people. So in 2013 when I noticed the online ad for Tile which stated, “Stick a Tile to anything and track it with […]

Tips to Avoid Smart Phishing Scams

Most recent phishing scam from fake ‘iTunes’ will catch many people Today, Cheryl and I both received the same scamming email from what appeared to be Apple. From what I could see, the title of the email, the sender, and the details all appeared legitimate. Below is a screenshot of how this email came in. The […]

Flickr is worth using now

Yahoo comeback? Yesterday, Yahoo announced the purchase of Tumblr and they have promised not to screw it up.  But what I find more interesting is their announcement regarding Flickr. They finally gave some much-needed upgrades to the ‘once awesome’ platform. In Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s own words, “Flickr was once awesome, and it languished… now we want […]

Beyond Airplane Mode – My 5 Travelling Tips for iPhone users

Hello, This post is for those who are travelling out-of-country but want to avoid being charged any roaming fees. I know that most people are hesitant to even bother taking their cell phone with them on their trip just so they can avoid that frustrating glance at bill when you get home. Believe it or […]

Divorcing in a Facebook World (Part 3): 5 Simple Steps Forward

Facebook As I stated before in my previous posts, living in today’s Facebook world means that there are new challenges to any person who is going through a relationship struggle. It is especially difficult if you find yourself in a separation and/or divorce. Stresses are magnified and a complicated process can get even bumpier. My […]

Divorcing in a Facebook World (Part 2)

My First Post called Divorcing in a Facebook World (Part 1) can be found here. This post today is solely aimed at trying to create some understanding and solicit some empathy for those who travel through the separation/divorce journey. Everybody’s doing it Divorces are all too common in our world. So the temptation can be […]

Divorcing in a Facebook World (Part 1)

My Facebook Divorce Facebook: A world where deeper holes can be dug, more people can get hurt, and unfair judgements can be formed quicker than ever before in history. In a split second, one button can be pressed and you can and have anything you want to say, displayed on hundreds of screens worldwide. The […]