Flickr is worth using now


Yahoo comeback?

Yesterday, Yahoo announced the purchase of Tumblr and they have promised not to screw it up.  But what I find more interesting is their announcement regarding Flickr. They finally gave some much-needed upgrades to the ‘once awesome’ platform.

In Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s own words, “Flickr was once awesome, and it languished… now we want it to be awesome again.”

One Free Terabyte of Storage

We’ll see if it really turns out to be ‘awesome’, but one thing is for sure, it’s ready to be relevant because every flickr account now has a free terabyte of storage. That’s enough to store a million photos (at 1mb per photo) and it’s now the most affordable online photo storage platform for all of those old pictures that you don’t want to transfer to your new computer.

So maybe your spring cleaning list included ‘Do something with those old computers’ because you are hanging on to those machines that have valuable pictures on them. Well if you can, take a little time this year, pull those pictures out and consider storing them on Flickr. Then you can throw away that old ugly laptop that’s collecting dust next to the litter box.

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